Engagement Photography Session

Wedding Engagement photography sessions in the build up to your big day.

Your engagement/pre-wedding photography session is included with all my wedding collections and is an important part of the build up to the big day. The sessions usually last between 30 and 45 minutes and you choose your favorite to be enlarged and mounted as a guest-signing mat.

The engagement session has a few purposes:

Engagement Session

1)    A chance to get to know each other so we don’t suggest poses that make you feel uncomfortable because they don’t reflect who you are as a couple

2)    Simple tips a guidance for the portrait part of your wedding photography.

3)    Calm your nerves if you are worried how you both will look “On Camera”.

4)    It gives us an insight as to who you are as a couple. Are you demonstrative, playful or more quiet and reserved in your relationship?

5)    It provides us with technical information such as if one is a “blinker” or having a “best side”.

6)    It probable the first time you have been photographed professionally and the engagements session gives you a chance to get used to this and to see the results.